Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Block buster movies of 2022


The untold story of seemingly the biggest empire Uncovering the deep connection between KGF and Mumbai


A fiction so real, you wish it were true Storytelling takes a complete turn with an ancient twist


An action-packed entertainer set in the British Times Fighting for freedom through the bond of friendship

777 Charlie

A heartwarming story of a pet who was once hated Instilling true values of love and affection


Investigation takes turns at places like never before Uncovering the truth has its share of unknown secrets

Kashmiri Files

A different take on the unknown happenings in Kashmir Seeking the facts takes new direction into unknown territories


A trip to the luxury destination facing risks Taking a slice from heart-wrenching and real-life happenings

Ponniyin Selvan

A historical tale of action, drama, and courage Sacrifice takes an epic turn with a gripping entertainer


Firing at the shopping mall An act of rescuing presents unexpected twists

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

A deeper look into the ISRO espionage case The study of space has its share of controversies

Palm Leaf

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