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FIFA Qatar World Cup


Qatar will not allow beer at FIFA Qatar World Cup matches  Oh yes! you've heard it right! 

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Qatar World Cup 2022 starts from November 20th 2020.

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The Qatar world cup 2022 schedule has been released on FIFA official website.

Setting the Field

Time to Prep

There are total 6 groups in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and 4 teams in each group.

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There are ongoing discussions between Qatar world cup host county authorities and FIFA regarding the alcohol allowance.

Qatar world cup tickets will be available on the official website. One can easily book a FIFA world cup ticket online.

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World Cup 2022 final will be held on 18th December 2022.

How many qatar world cup stadiums are there?

There are total eight qatar world cup stadiums.

The removal of  “sales points” from “perimeters” is a last minute decision made at the behest of Qatar's strict, conservative government, to not sell beer at Qatar World Cup.